A Wealth of Knowledge

Natalie is great. I’m a regular at her Reiki Yoga class at the Sanctuary, and I look forward to it every week. The class is tailored every week to the needs of the students, and Natalie takes the time to provide personal Reiki sessions with each student during each pose.

Natalie is also a wealth of knowledge. She’s taken the time after class to check on me, and the other students, based on their personal needs. She’s great at explaining the what, how, and why of Reiki and helps you understand the effects of it on your body, and how your body is reacting to the world around it. She’s a wonderful teacher and practitioner who truly cares about her clients and makes you feel at home the moment you walk in.

Truly a Gifted Woman!

Natalie is truly a gifted woman! I take her yoga classes regularly at The Sanctuary in Tustin and every time I leave, I feel renewed and rejuvenated. The energy she exudes is warm and ealing and really has to be experienced to be believed. She is a wealth of information and tries to provide each individual she encounters ways to work with their ailments and does not take a “one size fits all” approach. I highly recommend her as a yoga teacher and reiki healer! She incorporates both in her classes, which I feel elevates the class to another level. She is a master of her craft and it definitely shows. My husband and I just started getting into yoga on a regular basis a few months ago and she has been nothing but helpful with teaching us the techniques and proper alignments for each pose. 5 very well deserved stars!=)

Wonderful Teacher, Healer, and Guide

Natalie is a wonderful teacher, healer, and guide. She has helped me on so many levels, from being my reiki teacher to providing healings as well as coaching me to the inner guidance to live to my fullest potential. Natalie is kind, patient, and professional. I’m so grateful for her time, guidance, and compassion to help create profound healing and transformation in my life.

zen yoga reiki testimonial

A Great Light Worker

Natalie Alexander is a great light worker. I’ve had amazing healing sessions with her that have helped enhance different areas of my life. Truly grateful for her amazing work!

zen yoga reiki testimonial

Awesome Reiki Yoga Instructor

Natalie Alexander is an awesome Reiki Yoga instructor! Her class is so relaxing and healing to the mind, body, spirit. I look forward to her class and always leave refreshed, renewed and ready to take on whatever the day has in store for me. Thank you Natalie for your healing touch…

Miracle Worker

Natalie is amazing. When I moved from the east coast not too long ago I went to her for private Reiki sessions.  I felt very disoriented and ungrounded.  She is a miracle worker.  She made me feel very comfortable opening myself up.  She is a natural.  Natalie really helped me become more balanced and I definitely felt more at ease on an emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic level.  She knows how to go in deep.  She is a powerful healer!  You will not be disappointed.

A Healer!

I am not a yelp reviewer but felt so strong to get this out regarding Natalie and her ability as a healer!! You might say the universe had a hand in connecting us!! The universe was right on!!!!
Natalie is an extraordinarily gifted Reiki healer!!! Her insight into issues that promote deep healing through her Reiki is spot on!!! She spends a lot of time with you and talks through what she gets from each session and ways to help release whatever she has come across during your session. She got my energy flowing throughout my body and I could actually feel it move. It was amazing and now I can just run that energy and play with it!!!! She incorporates crystals and sound in sessions too!
I have looked for a Reiki practitioner along my journey …. well I found her.. Natalie.

In Wonderful Hands

I started to study and practice reiki nine years ago in Santa Barbara and knew I would continue with further training at a later point. I didn’t feel a rush to progress in training and felt I would take another when one with someone I felt drawn to train with came up. And it happened with Natalie. She and I first met through a friend at one of her yoga reiki classes at The Sanctuary in Orange County. I liked her class and felt her reiki to be sincere and nourishing. She seemed so kind when talking with one another and very diverse in her practice with healing work. I recently went through a reiki III training with Natalie and, without question, recommend training and going through treatments with her. Natalie kept the long day effective with reviewing relevant material but at ease with talking through questions and thoughts that naturally came up. She rushed nothing and shared at depth about applying and working in healing with reiki. What she knows and can share is so vast. Her reiki and what she communicates is loving and considers the highest good for every person and life breath connected to the intent for healing. I think any client and any person practicing reiki is in wonderful hands with Natalie.

Thank You

I started getting to know Natalie through the yoga/reiki classes. I always feel comfortable and relaxed after class and I kept continuing to come to class. Than one day, when we were chatting about my emotional problems, she then recommended reiki session. I right away agreed to try. The reiki session was again, made me feel at ease and felt very comforting. She then recommending to go forward with taking the certification. I saw the certification class, she is teaching reiki I separate from others. Therefore, I took the reiki I class and started practicing my reiki to my animals. It calmed them down and I was able to connect with them in a deeper level. I’m glad to be able to do this and very happy that Natalie guided me in this journey. Thanks Natalie!

Great Teacher

I had the opportunity to take Natalie’s Reiki 1 class after having few healing sessions with her. She made the class very easy to understand and answered all questions as we went along. She spent lot of time with us to make sure that we understood all parts of the training. It was a nurturing environment to learn and practice. She is a great teacher and so giving of herself. I searched high and low to find someone & Natalie is the one!. I also took Reiki level 2 training with her. I highly recommend Natalie for Reiki training!

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