In Wonderful Hands

I started to study and practice reiki nine years ago in Santa Barbara and knew I would continue with further training at a later point. I didn’t feel a rush to progress in training and felt I would take another when one with someone I felt drawn to train with came up. And it happened with Natalie. She and I first met through a friend at one of her yoga reiki classes at The Sanctuary in Orange County. I liked her class and felt her reiki to be sincere and nourishing. She seemed so kind when talking with one another and very diverse in her practice with healing work. I recently went through a reiki III training with Natalie and, without question, recommend training and going through treatments with her. Natalie kept the long day effective with reviewing relevant material but at ease with talking through questions and thoughts that naturally came up. She rushed nothing and shared at depth about applying and working in healing with reiki. What she knows and can share is so vast. Her reiki and what she communicates is loving and considers the highest good for every person and life breath connected to the intent for healing. I think any client and any person practicing reiki is in wonderful hands with Natalie.

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