Intuitive Business Coach

Intuitive Business Coaching

Intuitive Business Coaching

A Business Blueprint Where YOU And Your Uniqueness Can Thrive!

Building a solid foundation for your business from the inside out

6 months – 1-1 coaching

If you’re ready for success in your business — creating lucrative new programs, charging what you’re worth, letting go of perfectionism & overwhelm, and pressing reset on your money mindset — then join me inside my Inner Outer Soulful Business Blueprint Coaching program.

Is this you?

  • You know you’ve been undercharging and over-delivering, and you wish you had someone to help you price your services and encourage full pay clients
  • You love what you do but aren’t certain how to organize your expertise into lucrative, client-attracting packages
  • You keep thinking, “Do I have the right niche?!” but you’re not sure, so you end up trying to serve everybody, even clients who drain your time and energy
  • You crave having a brand that captures your unique spirit, personality, and passion, positioning you to stand out from the cookie-cutter crowd powerfully
  • You feel in your heart that your mindset about money could benefit from a makeover
  • You feel nervous every time you talk with a prospective client, knowing you’re not quite sure of what to say when it comes to the money part

If this is YOU, then it’s time to transform what feels overwhelming in your business into everyday easy, in a way that feels powerfully authentic for you.

That’s Why I Am Thrilled To Invite You Into My Inner Outer Soulful Business Blueprint Program.


You started your business because your dream is to impact the lives of others, work from your zone of genius and feel excited that you’re making money in a lucrative business that lights you up.

What you’re seeking now is a step by step system to lay all the puzzle pieces into their places so that you can focus on your goals and achieve your dream without waiting any longer.

Here’s just a peek at what your business looks like when we are coaching together:

  • You have lucrative, client-attracting packages that spotlight your value and your unique way of working with clients
  • You’re charging what you’re worth and love how good it feels to be free and no longer over-delivering
  • Your new pricing structures are adding income to your bank account with every new client
  • You have crystal clear clarity about your niche, and feel excited every day to only be working with clients you love, and who appreciate YOU and your expertise
  • Your Brand Archetypes make it fun and exciting to capture your unique spirit, personality, and passion in all of your marketing
  • You feel aligned and confident about your brand and how easy it is to powerfully and authentically stand out from the crowd
  • Your new mindset about money perfectly aligns with your goals and is powerfully supporting you to reach them
  • You feel confident, calm and relaxed talking with prospective clients, knowing what to say when it comes to the money part
  • You enjoy working in your business, now that all the puzzle pieces are lined up for your success


  • If you are ready to let go of limiting beliefs, and blocks that are holding you back
  • If you’re coachable,ready to stop “doing it alone’” and commit to doing the work
  • If you want a consistent flow of money
  • If you want to make a bigger impact in the lives of more clients
  • If you are finally ready to align your purpose with your business
  • If you are open to doing the inner work and outer work to achieve maximum results
  • Or if you are ready to leave your 9-5 JOB and be a purpose-driven entrepreneur


  • If you are not putting your business as a priority
  • If you are not ready to do the work and implement what you learn
  • If you don’t want to receive support to grow your business and life
  • If you don’t believe in inner work and overall connection of body, mind, and soul
  • Or if you are not ready to invest in yourself and your business

Ready To Feel Excited That You’re Making Money In A Lucrative Business That Lights You Up? Here’s What’s Inside This Private Coaching Program:

Module 1 – Branding with Archetypes®

There’s a unique part of you that many business owners mistakenly believe they have to hold back. Coaching together, you’ll discover your Brand Archetype, which unlocks the powerful, instantly recognizable presence within you that’s a client-attraction and an opportunity magnet.

Module 2 – Niche Breakthrough Secrets®

Discover your authentic, lucrative niche to attract and keep more ideal clients. Revealing your niche is surprisingly easy with the simple steps I’ll coach you through.

Module 3 – Transform ‘What You Do’ Into A Client-Attracting Signature System®

Coaching together, I’ll walk you step by step through how to transform your expertise – including the magic that makes YOU unique — into an exciting Signature System that attracts a steady stream of ideal clients.

Module 4 – How To Create Packages That Sell Themselves

Every business has the opportunity to offer packages, and the benefits are huge – you serve clients who truly desire what you have to offer, while you work fewer hours for significantly more income and this could also catapult your reputation.

Module 5 – How to Charge What You’re Worth and Get It!®

If you struggle with how much to charge and how to confidently talk about your fees, you are not alone. I’ll coach you to clear out feelings of unworthiness, plus give you practical tools so you can charge what you’re worth and discuss your fees like a pro.

Module 6 – How to Sign On New Clients

Ready to feel confident about how you can start getting new clients signing on with you? Creating a steady stream of ideal clients is surprisingly easy, and I’ll show you how!

Inner Outer Soulful Business Blueprint Program Includes:

  • 2 X 60 mins Private Coaching Sessions per month, a Total of 12 Sessions
  • Downloadable Workbooks/Guides for each Module
  • Email Access to Ask Questions

Plus, These Additional BONUSES Make This Coaching Program Even More Perfect For You

Bonus #1 – Money Mindset Mastery $ 597

Remove money blocks, create a new, empowering money story and own your worth. Together, we’ll create a fresh, empowering success mindset for you — shifting your beliefs and actions in the process — so that you can quickly begin – creating new and exciting results in your business.

Bonus # 2 – AM and PM Guided Meditation Audios $ 197

These meditation audios are personalized to your energy vibration, easy to follow 10 minutes of guided meditation to help you stay on track and positively set your day.

AM Guided meditation – Start your day with this meditation to set a positive outlook for the day. Fill your day with clarity, confidence, ease, and joy.

PM Guided Meditation – End your day with this meditation, to let go and clear your thoughts, emotions, and energy that you may have picked up during the day and are not for your highest good so that they don’t stay with you or embedded in your subconscious.

Bonus # 3 – Seven Mindfulness and Meditation Wins for Entrepreneurs $ 97

Explore how mindfulness and meditation strategies can elevate your quality of life and de-stress your business. Identify your stresses and stressors to avoid burnout, quieting the monkey mind through meditation, develop healthy habits so that you can have live-work balance.

Bonus # 4 – Chakra Balancing and Energy Clearing (3 X 60 mins Sessions) $ 597

Identify, clear and release energy blocks/imbalances, hidden patterns, limiting beliefs, and traumas in your body, mind, and soul so that you can be free and move forward to enjoy life and business filled with purpose, joy, and ease. Few different healing modalities, breathing exercise, and meditation may be used during the session.

Bonus # 5 Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Self-Care Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs $ 197

In this four-module self-guided course — complete with an Action Plan you can implement at the end of each module and exercise worksheet to help you define your self-care plan – I’m going to show you how you can finally…

  • Start taking care of ALL of you: mind, body, and spirit so that you can transform your life and business (and feel happier and more successful, too)
  • Create a strong and healthy body, so you have the much-needed energy and stamina to grow a thriving business
  • Nurture your emotional well-being and safeguard against emotional burnout by setting firm boundaries (finally!)
  • Make REAL time for the things you want and the people and activities that are important to you



+ Fast Action Bonuses

If you are:

  • Ready to create client-attracting packages that spotlight your value and practically sell themselves
  • Ready to let go of fear and charge what you’re worth
  • Ready to release money blocks and stand powerfully for your value
  • Ready to work with ideal clients YOU love and who love to pay you for the transformational work you do with them
  • Ready to confidently and calmly talk with prospective clients, even about the money part
  • Ready to let go of doubt and claim your worth as a heartfelt and unstoppable woman
  • Ready to get the support + do what it takes to make your business dreams a reality

Then I Invite You To Schedule Your Free 30 Minutes Business Clarity Call.

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