We offer gentle, natural, therapeutic holistic treatments that can support, restore . balance and harmonize your overall well being. We promote and encourage self care to be part of your daily health care regimens. Take charge of your health, allow your body to heal itself and resist disease or injury more effectively through Yoga, Reiki, EFT, Chakra Balancing, and Crystal Therapy.


Zen Yoga Reiki treatments can promote:

(1) Deeper relaxation

(2) A greater feeling of peacefulness

(3) Enhanced mental clarity

(4) A deeper mind, body and soul connection

(5) Improve posture, balance, coordination, and flexibility

(6) Boosted physical energy and endurance

(7) Better pain and stress management

(8) Faster recovery time following surgery or chemotherapy

(9) Stronger immune and nervous systems through better physical health


Our Philosophy is to treat every individual as a whole being – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We believe working together in harmony is the best way to achieve optimum results for the client.

Our Mission is to assist and educate our clients to have better health, and healthier quality of life through natural holistic ways.

Our Goal is to provide natural gentle alternative treatments which are non-invasive, relaxing, and nurturing that can be use to complement other health regimens.


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