I’ve written and re-written this review a dozen times, each time trying to express just how wonderful Natalie is. I will never be able to boast enough how I feel about her abilities. So, here is a part of my experience with her. I met Natalie during an 8 week 200 hour yoga teacher training. At the end of our 8 weeks together I had developed some tendonitis in both shoulders and knees and was in quite a bit of pain. Our graduating class from the training was all standing around and while we were having a casual conversation Natalie simply placed her hands on my aching shoulder and within minutes the pain started to go away. I had heard of Reiki before but had no idea exactly how it could help. I was hooked! The pain in my shoulder was gone. I booked a full appointment with her weeks later because I was still having some reoccurring pain in my shoulders and knees. She was immediately available that same weekend. Natalie greeted me at The Sanctuary Wellness Center and Yoga Studio early on a Saturday morning and got me comfortable in a clean and quiet room. That day I spent an hour with her. I could feel energy between her hands and the area of my body that she was over. At the end of that session all pain was almost gone and I felt lighter and freer than I ever had. I left that day feeling great. I eagerly set up a follow up two weeks later and shortly thereafter had no more pain in my shoulders or knees, as well, I felt completely free of stale emotion “baggage”. I continue to have sessions with Natalie as often as I can. She is so genuine, kind, caring, gentle, and absolutely so attentive. Natalie definitely has a gift!

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