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5 Keys To Inviting Abundance Into Your Life

5 Keys To Inviting Abundance Into Your Life

by Natalie Alexander

Abundance can be an obscure subject, and this means something different to each person. The simple term for abundance is to have a large quantity of something or more than enough. All of us desire to have the feeling of living an abundant life where you feel secure and supported. The key to inviting abundance into your life is to be intentional. Keep reading, and I’ll show you what I mean.

1. Make It Clear

When you want to bring more abundance and good things into your life, it’s crucial to make your desires clearly known. It’s not sufficient to merely say you hope to have more money, for example. Instead, write down your intention in a more specific way like, “I am receiving an extra $2000 within the next three months for our family vacation.” You may even want to include the destination if you know where you’d like to go, make it as detail as possible and always use the present tense or use the I am… statement.

Clearly defining your intention defines it for the universe. It sets the tone to invite this abundance to come to fruition. You receive what you put out.

2. Let Go of the Fear

A clearly-stated desire is more likely to set the wheels in motion for it to come to fruition. However, one of the biggest detractors of abundance is fear. Not all fear is a bad thing; actually fear is the way we learn to navigate the world and stay safe especially at a young age. When we allow fear to take over our thought or feeling or life than it becomes a problem, it keeps us from growing and learning. Try to identify your fears and work through them. Fear is a strong belief that we hold on and store in our subconscious so it may take some time to work through this. Take action, and stay focus on your desired outcome.

3. Consider the Effects

Next, you’ll want to consider how your wish will affect your entire life. Picture how you’ll feel as you begin to see extra money manifest itself. Visualize yourself planning your vacation with your kids. Try to imagine it in details how it will feel to actually be on that vacation. This kind of visualization will help to raise your vibration and push you along toward actually living the reality of your vision.

4. Look for Resistance

Finally, it’s important to recognize any resistance that might result in denying the manifestation of the abundance you seek. We’ve already discussed the big one, which is fear. Another common type of resistance is a mindset of lack or the feeling that you’re not worthy to receive such gifts. You can use affirmations, positive phrases, meditation or journaling daily to help defeat these feelings. Always remember that you are worthy and valuable, you deserve all good things. Abundance is your birth right.

5. Take Action

Now that you are clear on what you want, understand your fear / resistance, now it’s time to create an action plan on how to bring your desire to fruition. Set up reminder, or mark your calendar with start date, end date and specific action to take daily so that you stay focus and see the result. At the same time be open, be grateful and allow the Universe to co-create with you.

In summary, the primers on bringing abundance into your life are a clear intention, letting go your fear/resistance, and taking action. Keep these steps in mind when working to manifest your abundance.

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